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Taste of Scandinavia is a European Style bakery where quality is a tradition and products have an unbeatable taste. Taste, premium ingredients and artistic exposure are the key elements in our bakery. Taste of Scandinavia Bakery Cafés has been offering delicious Scandinavian treats in Minneapolis / St.Paul market since 1990, that is over 30 years of goodness!

The long standing tradition of Scandinavian quality and service continues today as a family owned company with a great team of dedicated associates.

Each day, the bakers and chefs prepare our wide variety of delicious items from scratch with only the finest high quality ingredients. This tender care and love of products has grown into a wide selection from Kransekake, Handmade Potato Lefse, Pulla Rolls, Lefse Melts, and more!

We know that each item we produce will be on the tables of customers that sometimes travel from great distances to purchase the high quality and great taste. We are staying true to the founding vision of the company to prepare great products that taste as great as they look. Give us a call, stop in and visit or order a meal or dessert and stay a while. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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